Bulk SMS company making moves in Kenya

Vaspro, a bulk sms company in Kenya has launched a new set of products to help the company improve efficiency with its market. Bulk sms is a way in which organizations, small or large use to send text messages to their customers bases, usually in their database. if you haven’t engaged in any bulk sms for your business, here are some of the uses of bulk sms in a business.

  1. Sending promotional messages to the customer base. A company like Mwananchi credit uses bulk sms to send logbook loan offers in Kenya to their customers in Kenya. Your business can also use bulk sms to send messages to your customers with bulk sms.
  2. Running surveys to your databases. Research into your customers is very crucial if you want your business to survive. Yet this is one of the least utilized business growth tactic according to our study. Your business can integrate into a bulk sms system like VasPro to send out messages to customers asking for their opinions.
  3. Transactional and point of sale messages. Sending translation receipts in an SMS format is very crucial for your customers. Although not many Kenyan companies are as good at this like Safaricom, it is important to send these two way messages to your customers. Instead of a business investing in sweets to give to customers, why not use a shilling to buy sms to send transactional messages to your customers.

Overall, there are very many uses of bulk sms in any market. Since the first message was send in 1992, trillions of business text messages have been sent out to consumers with a lot of success. If you are looking for a business messages service provider, look no further than VasPro.

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