Best Portable Generator

Best Portable Generators

In the modern world, we live by running appliances like the computers, televisions, phones, radio and other kitchen appliances by use of electricity. However, when power is not readily available or there is a power outage, that’s when we need the portable generators.

They are designed to work by providing power to the appliances you need such as the fridge as well as in a construction site. This is the reason why they have become a popular and a must have appliance.

What is a portable Generator?

This is simply an energy conversion machine which uses fuel such as gas and solar. It can be used by most businesses from restaurants, gas stations, banks and home in case of a power outage.

It is also an effective and convenient way of protecting patients in hospitals who are on life saving machines. Additionally, it is a power backup plan and can be moved from one place to another with ease.

How Does a Portable Generator Work?

When you fill your portable generator with fuel of your choice, the engine converts the fuel into energy, chemical to mechanical. When the pistons move, there is production of electricity from the electric field which is then used to power your appliances.

Why a portable generator?

A portable generator is a very effective machine with value for your money. This is because, it comes with amazing benefits such as:

· Power backup in case of a power outage

· They are quite affordable and that depends on the size of the machine

· They use less fuel and this depends on number of appliances used. It can also run up to 12 hours nonstop and if not in use, it deactivates saving fuel.

Types of the Portable Generators

Most of the portable generators on the market are nearly the same but tend to differ on the fuel used and size. Fuel type is very effective as it determines the safety of the generator. These types include the following;


These generators are very effective as they use the sun rays to power the battery using a solar panel. These do not require any fuel. They run quietly than any other generators.

Moreover, they work well in supplying power to one main appliance like the refrigerator for some days but are not effective with many appliances for a longer period.

However, they are more expensive to purchase than other types, their running costs are low thus making them a value for the money. Additionally, they do not pollute the environment and are safe.


Diesel portable generators on the other hand runs on diesel fuel. The engine tends to run on diesel and it extracts more energy from the fuel. They are very popular in construction sites and heavy industry as they run for a longer period and are effective for saving fuel as well as low maintenance costs.

However, the concern with this type of generator is that, it should be used and stored with care because of the gasses like carbon monoxide when exposed to you can cause oxygen deficiency which may be poisonous. They are also very expensive.


Since gasoline is a readily available these generators are very popular because of the large number of users due to affordable fuel. However, they use more resources during their maintenance and are very expensive. Additionally, they are bulkier to hold their running pressure for a long period of time.


Propane is a very pure and clean fuel which can also be used as a gas. Portable which run on propane gas are effective for camping activities. It is convenient as it has less cases of poisonous gases. They come in many sizes and different power usage to meet your needs.


These type of portable generators are less effective and smaller in size than any other on the market. They are preferably used by those who are affected by power outages and are easier to refuel. Moreover, they can only handle small roles.

If using this portable gas generator, ensure you are cautious because of the hazardous carbon monoxide gas which is emitted.


These portable generators do not run on electricity rather they use fuel. They use an electric starter mechanism which increases the ease of use compared to the manual counterparts. However, they are not very popular compared to the other types.

Other types of portable generator

Traditional generators

Traditional generators are very effective in terms of high power and speed. They are effective for more appliances due to the many plugins. However, they are not convenient for small appliances such as phones and laptops as that can cause surges. Additionally, they are more affordable than the inverter generators.

Inverter Generators

When you need to avoid surges, look for a generator that has an inverter. The inverter is able to convert the high power into a stable and safe energy to be used by the more sensitive devices in your house. They are lighter and smaller. However, they are the costliest.

What are the Features to look for in portable Generators?

There are many amazing features that come with this portable generator which are a great help to the user in terms of selecting the best for their use. However, before going for this machine, assess yourself on the needs you have in mind in terms of appliances you have and their role. Moreover, there are very many features but I looked at a few.

A good portable generator should have the following features:

Plenty of Outlets-Ensure the portable generator that has specific outlets to help in powering. For instance, for household use, consider one that has 4 or more outlets and one that has lock-on outlets in case of wet conditions.

Less pollution-The generators should meet the standards for low emissions. Those who do not meet the CARB requirements tend to emit more gases which pollute the environment.

Wattage-Ensure to get a generator which can hold the power wattage needed by the appliances.

Fuel gauge-this feature is important as it helps you check the fuel level without opening the filler cap.

Easy start- in case the generator has to have a ripcord which should have decompression for easier starting.

Wheels-this should help ease movement for the heavy generators.

Safe-It should have safety measures to protect the long-life of the generator as well as that of the user. Some safety features such as outlet covers should help in case of electrocution in wet seasons.

Alternative fuel use-Most generators run on gasoline but some use different fuels. They should be fitted with converter kits to enable them use other fuels than the one originally built for. This could be effective in places where there is no gas station for that original fuel available and you need to use the generator.

Surge Capacity-This is an important feature which helps support the generator in the situations where more power is needed than required.

Fuel tank size-A good generator should have a large tank. This is to help you from refueling constantly. It should also be an economy tank which guarantees value for your fuel. For instance, more fuel should be used for more time.

Which portable Generator do you need?

Before getting the portable generator that meets your need, you have to have a specific role you have for them. For instance, do you need it for power outages or camping? Are you into construction but there is no power availability? Are you looking for it as your main power source?

All this issues can be handled by a portable generator because of their design. There are many brands and types to choose from.

Issues to consider before purchasing the portable Generator

Before making the decision of the type of portable generator to purchase you may need to have considerations. This is because, there are very many portable generators on the market which have all the required features as well as popularity. Ensure to look for one that meets your needs. These considerations include the following:

· Do they fit your Budget? Ensure to get a portable generator that can serve you properly as well as meet your budget needs. You can go for the small being cheap or large generators which are expensive.

· How many appliances to you need to be powered by the generator at once? If you have many appliances in your household, ensure you get a bigger generator which has many outlets unlike the small generators which can only be used by appliances which need less power

· How compact or bulkier do you need your generator? Considering you are a camping person, you need a more portable generator which is smaller in size but producing less electricity. If you need a generator for professional use or construction, you need one which is heavier and can handle the extra pressure of power needed.

Best brands of portable Generators

There are many brands on the market that promise to manufacture the best generators and are striving to remain at the top. Some of the best brands are cost friendly for everyone to afford. The very best include the following:

1. Champion power Equipment 46596 Portable Generator

Champion as a brand founded in 2003 is very popular for their wide range of inverter and conventional generators which are very affordable. They are known to design their own engines as well as the generators.

This model is very popular with those who like outdoor activities such as camping or those who suffer power outages. If you are an outdoor person, this is the model to choose as you get an affordable, reliable and portable generator of your choice.


· Wireless remote control starter fob

· In-built surge protector

· RV receptacle for increased performance

· 4000 starting watts and 3500 running watts

· Pull-start lever to start the generator in case of failure

· Durable steel frame for maintaining quiet operation

· Low-oil sensor

· Semi-water resistance


· It’s a high fuel efficiency machine

· It is light thus portable

· It meets the CARB requirement standards thus safe

· It is very affordable


· It is noisy than any other average generator

· Not efficient for multiple and large appliances

2. Briggs and Stratton 30651 P2200 PowerSmart Series Portable Inverter Generator with parallel Capability

This brand is well known and rated among the best generators on the market. They design and produce their own engines which are used in garden appliances.

This model is very versatile and can handle a multitude of household as well as outdoor activities such as camping. It is specially designed to control and clean the power being used by sensitive devices like the phone.

Additionally, it has a parallel connector which can help attach to another generator for more performance power. It also runs for up to 8 hours of continuous activity. If you are looking for a portable generator to serve you in multiple areas, this is the one to look for. Moreover, you get the total value for your money.


· Low oil alert feature

· 120v and 240v outlets

· 2200 starting watt and 1700 running watt

· Innovative inverter technology

· Overload alert system

· Power smart mode


· It is fuel efficient

· Has extra safety features like low oil alert to inform you of no fuel

· It can handle multiple appliances at once

· It runs quietly


· It is expensive

· It lacks wheels thus not easily moved

3. Generac 5735 GP17500E Portable Generator

Generac brand is the most popular when it comes to commercial generator market. They are the most trusted brand which deals with gasoline fuel generators. If you are looking for a portable generator that is reliable and worth your money value this is the model for you. It is also very effective as it carries out multiple roles because of the high power produced.


· 17500 continuous watts

· Recoil system for starting the machine


· It is reliable

· It can handle more appliances at once

· It is fuel efficient


· It is very expensive

4. Yamaha EF200iSv2 Portable Inverter

Yamaha produces well known motorcycles and boat engines. It is a Japanese based company which is into portable generators. This brand has been on the market for a very long time and have most of the recommended models. If you are looking for an inverter portable generator that is reliable and affordable, this is most recommended.


· Starting of 2000 watts and running 1600 watts

· Automatic throttle adjustment

· Fuel gauge

· 750ml fuel capacity

· Low oil automatic shutdown

· Overvoltage protection


· Its economical to run

· It meets the standards of CARB thus safe

· It is lighter thus very portable

· It is quiet

· It is very durable

· It is very affordable


· Power output is considerably lower

5. WEN 56200i Portable Generator

Wen has been on the market as the best. It is a most recognized brand founded in 1951.It is effective in selling the most portable gas appliances in all sizes.

It is convenient when handling medium emergencies like camping, recreational activities, ensuring your food in the fridge is a safe as well as lighting the house. It is highly recommended as an amazing choice. It has more plugs to keep your appliances and portable appliances charged up.


· Eco mode for saving electric loads for extending generator life.

· 1800starting and 1500 running watts

· Low oil and low-fuel automatic shutdown feature


· It is affordable

· It is highly portable because of the lightweight and small size

· It runs very quietly.


· Some of its parts come loose easily

· It cannot handle a lot of appliances at once

· It has low power output

6. Honda EU2000i inverter generator

Honda is a well-known brand popular for their motorcycles, cars and power equipment. It is among the trusted brand on the market for their fabulous appliances which include the portable generators. However, the generators are bulkier thus not easily portable.

If you are looking for a portable generator to serve you better with more power for power outages, recreational and camping activities, this is the powerful choice you deserve. Its reliability and power will meet the value for your money.


· 3- year warranty

· Circuit protection feature to prevent overloading

· 2000watts starting power and 1600 watts running power

· Low oil alert feature

· Eco-throttle and clean output feature


· It runs quietly

· It is ideal for multiple appliances

· Economical and fuel efficient

· Easy to start


· It is very expensive

· It has no wheels thus not easily portable


All these brands are very effective and highly recommended. They have received high rankings as well as positive reviews. They can be purchased from the online stores such as the amazon. They are recommended and are convenient for different budgets.

Portable Generators are a must have as emergencies occur all the time and you may not want to have darkness all over or food spoiling in the fridge and lacking recreational opportunities due to lack of power. Decide on the best option for your needs as you will get what you need at your cost.