Best infrared Thermometers

Infrared thermometers, also called the non-contact thermometers, are an amazing addition for professionals and other workers who are interested in temperature measurements of their appliances for safety. Their special design enables determine the temperature on objects without contact or hen in motion.

These devices have gained popularity on the market for their fast and accurate temperature measurements and readings than the regular thermometers which require a lot of work to get the accurate measurements.

Many brands have come up with different models for you to choose from varying from quality and budget. They all are striving to make the devices friendlier and unique according to your needs.

What is an infrared thermometer?

Infrared thermometers are devices used to measure the surface temperature of objects. They do this not necessarily being in contact with the object but by the energy radiating from the object at a distance.

How do the infrared thermometers work?

These devices work very fast and accurately. Through its lenses, infrared energy is focused on the detector which converts it into an electrical signal which can be displayed in units of temperature. This then facilitates temperature measurement from a distance without contact to the object or even to the moving objects.

What are the various types of Infrared Thermometers?

There is a good number of types of infrared thermometer on the market for you to choose from depending on your needs. Some of them include the following:

Fixed mount infrared thermometers-This type of thermometer is very effective for industrial use where it can be mounted in a stationary position.

Pocket infrared thermometers- as the name suggests, they are very compact and light thus can be carried in a pocket.

Handheld infrared Thermometers-These are the main popular used both for moving and stationary objects. The sensors help measure the temperature by just pointing at the object.

Spot infrared thermometers- they measure the temperature at a spot on a surface by projecting a visible red dot on the center of the area being measured.

Why should you choose the infrared thermometers?

Infrared thermometers are what you need to consider for your temperature reading needs. When purchasing the best thermometer for your equipment, consider getting this amazing device because of the following reasons:

· Helps in restoring and preventing equipment malfunctions without having to come into contact. This is a safe because you do not have to risk yourself from objects which are dangerous to hold.

· Can perform temperature monitoring functions for instance, patient temperatures in the hospital, detecting cloud for remote telescope operation without using invasive methods.

· Perform diagnostic functions easily and fast without having to turn off the main systems. Mostly effective in food service world as you do not have to touch the food to avoid contamination.

· They are very accurate and they process the fastest measurement results.

· They are very durable thus can perform even the toughest jobs for a very long time without wearing out.

What are the areas where infrared thermometers are used?

These devices are mostly used by professionals in industrial processing and other areas who need to check their objects and appliances from time to time for safety and good functioning. These areas are:


Most products are manufactured in the industries and the machines tend to heat all the time because of the processes involved. This is why they require the infrared thermometer for their temperature needs and other functions. For instance:

· Monitoring the temperatures of the equipment to prevent accidents

· To ensure the equipment is working in the correct manner and condition


This is mainly used in the firefighting departments as well as industries. Once the temperature units are given, you are sure you have the accurate information. This is because, this spacious thermometer is able to detect the hot spots on the floor or in the room during and after the fire. It can also detect any electrical surges if any.

Food service world

Food has to be in the right condition at all times for safe consumption. The infrared thermometers are very effective in this industry as they can get the temperature without touching the food. This greatly prevents contamination. Moreover, they ensure the food is in the right condition when being stored, cooked and packed for human consumption.

In homes

Infrared thermometers are not only applied for commercial and professional purposes but also in homes. They can also perform functions such as:

· Checking the temperatures for the refrigerators for effective food storage

· Checking the surface temperatures of food and drink containers which may contain hot liquid

· Checks for any leaks in your home in the insulation system, windows and doorframes.

What are the factors and specifications to consider before purchasing the infrared Thermometers?

Before purchasing the best infrared thermometer, ensure to know the specifications and features which makes them unique to meet your needs. Consider having the following in mind before making this decision:

Emissivity-emissivity being the ability of a material to emit thermal radiation, ensure to go for a thermometer which has adjustable emissivity to be determined by yourself. This is because, different models have different emissivity readings because some absorb and others reflect energy.

Temperature range you need-ensure to get the infrared thermometer which meets your required temperature needs. This is because, different models offer varying temperature ranges. Consider looking for a model which takes care of both extreme heat and cold.

Distance to spot Ratio-Consider knowing the distance you have to measure the temperature from the thermometer. This is to guarantee you of accuracy because some models need to be near the object while others have to be further.

Cost-consider getting an infrared thermometer which is budget friendly. It should not be too high or too low. Expensive models tend to be more durable and have more functionalities for anyone’s needs. Fortunately, there are models which still meets your needs and are cheap.

Warranty-This feature is very important because the thermometers are very sensitive in nature. However, they are durable and sturdy, they may need a warranty for safety. Most expensive models come with a longer warranty for your needs.

What are the best models of Infrared Thermometers?

Many brands on the market are concerned in making their products better and unique to satisfy their customers’ needs. They are striving to be the best and friendly in terms of budget and quality. Some of the best infrared thermometers include the following:

1. Fluke 62 Max plus Infrared thermometer

This model is just what you need. This is because of its dual lasers which gives you more control over the surface temperature being measured. It has been around for long when it comes to industrial tools. This model is very popular because of its superior quality and its ability to read temperatures of two different equipment which are at a close range. It is a good model to spend your money on as it will give you the service you need for a longer time. It also has a certified IP54 design for protection against dust and splashing liquids.

Moreover, this model is effective for industries and other professional fields who need its wide measurement range. This is because, it offers the measurement both in Fahrenheit and Celsius.


· Dual targeting lasers

· Water resistant housing

· Wide measurement range

· Adjustable emissivity

· Infrared camera


· It is very durable

· It is very accurate

· You can get the measurement in only 2 seconds thus fast

· It is comfortable to hold and easy to use

· It is very effective for industrial purposes where more space has to be covered


· It is expensive

· The instructions supplied by the thermometer are not very detailed

2. Raytek MT6 Mini Temp Non-Contact Thermometer

This model is what to go for due to its versatility and durability. It is from a reputable company, the fluke, which is concerned about the quality of the device for their users. It is convenient for people who want to know of any potential problems on the equipment before they happen. Its temperature range is between -20-832 degrees.

Moreover, this tool is very affordable and can be used to keep track of the temperatures for mechanical, automotive and other systems whose accessibility is tricky or may be hazardous.


· LCD screen

· Grooves to hold

· 9-volt alkaline battery

· Backlit display

· Data hold feature


· It is very accurate

· It is compact and lightweight thus portable

· It is very durable

· It is very affordable


· It is not effective for measuring radiant heat frequently

· You have to place the device too close to the equipment for better results

3. Etekcity Lasergrip 800

This model is an amazing one for those who need measurements of objects which are dangerous or are inaccessible. Its unique features give it the quality and versatility that many users love. It has a laser technology which improves its positioning. For a thermometer for your money value, look no further as this model has all you need. It also has a temperature range of -50 to 750 degrees.


· Laser targeting system

· 9-volt battery

· Auto shut off feature

· Backlit display

· Low battery indicator

· 2-year warranty

· Portable plastic construction

· 1-year warranty


· It is light and portable

· It is durable

· It is approved by the FDSA thus safe

· It is quite expensive


· It has a low response time to measure the temperature

· Has some accuracy complaints

4. FLIR TG165

If you are an engineer, electrician, automotive mechanic and other professionals related to that, this is where to look for. This model is an effective due to the unique feature which makes it more accurate. If you are looking for a thermometer that can offer you both a readout and a visual display of the measurement, this is where to look. However expensive, you are guaranteed of value for your money.


· Visual thermal readout

· Push-button data recording

· Rechargeable internal battery


· It gives accurate measurements through the screen


· It is costlier than other models because of the visual thermal display

· It is limited to a smaller spot

5. BAFX Non-Contact IR Thermometer

This budget friendly model is very impressive by measuring a temperature between -58 to1742 degrees. Its features are also effective for their running. The emissivity can be adjusted to help provide the best and accurate measurement. However, it is not ideal for a larger space and complex equipment.

Moreover, this model can be used in industries to take temperature for molten metals as well as in homes.

However, it does not carry out other roles apart from temperature reading.


· 9-volt battery

· Backlit display


· It is affordable

· It is durable

· It measures temperature from a distance than any other model


· It is not ideal for larger spaces

· It is bulky thus not portable

What are the advantages of Infrared Thermometers?

· They are lightweight thus very portable

· They are very accurate

· They are safe as you do not have to come into contact with the equipment being measured

· They are fast in getting accurate measurements in a fraction of a second at high speed

· They are easy to use as they can take measurements from a distance and do not require a lot of maintenance

What are the Disadvantages of infrared thermometers?

Infrared thermometers are very effective in getting the fastest temperature measurements. However, before concentrating only on the benefits, consider knowing their limitations too. They include the following:

· Can be temporarily affected by weather such as fog, frost as well as dust particles and smoke

· Do not measure internal temperature of equipment and food. This is because, they only deal with surface temperature

· Require adjustments depending on the surface being measured

· Can be affected by the change in ambient temperature

· Cannot take measurements of gas or liquids


Infrared thermometers are very effective for those who want to get the temperature of their appliances and equipment without worrying about the risks involved or contamination. They are the most accurate thermometers on the market that’s why they are popular. You will get the value for your money when you choose these devices.

There are many models of infrared thermometers for you to choose from. They all are uniquely made using the most amazing technology making them unique to meet your specific needs. They are very durable and if used perfectly according to the conditions and instructions. Moreover, they need extra care and the better part is that, they are very portable thus convenient even for the moving equipment.

All these devices can be purchased from online shops like the amazon and other major scientific appliances shop. Do not be afraid of your fixed budget because they come in different budget levels to meet the needs of everyone.