Best Bunk Beds

Best Bunk Beds With Stairs For Children and Toddlers

Bunk beds are traditional inventions which have been around for a very long time. More inventions have been evolving continually and can be found almost anywhere such as dormitories, hostels and homes. They have existed for centuries and will still exist.

Bunk beds are very important to children. They help children play together and be entertained when not outside. Since children love playing and climbing on objects, bunk beds with stairs may just be what they need.

These beds are an assurance that your children will build a strong relationship by playing together and sharing the bed. However, you should supervise their activities and put up rules to govern their safety, for instance, young children tend to hurt each other or accidents like falling off the bed may occur creating havoc. You should make sure to get a bunk bed which is safe for your toddler and children in terms of size and stairs.

Bunk beds are designed in many types and sizes to choose from. For example, the low-to-the –floor, high-railed and the low impact. Fortunately, you will not crack your head a lot as various models are on the market with the aim of making work easier for you. This is because, they have amazing and impressive bunk beds for your desired needs.

What Materials Are Used To Make Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are made using two main materials. Metals and wood. All these materials are effective as they all have their advantages. The wooden bunk beds are very heavy and come in various designs and space making them more expensive.

On the other hand, the metal beds are quite light and are very classy. They are long lasting and also simple. Moreover, they are cheap but that does not mean they are not a better option. The material does not matter as long as you get what you need and all serve the same purpose.

Why Choose Bunk Beds?

Bunkbeds are very important accessories in the home. They are an excellent space saver as they come with storage space and can be used by multiple children or guests. They are not the excellent option but also very affordable compared to the price of separate beds. Additionally, they are made using stylish designs and colors that suits your home décor.

What are the advantages of Bunk beds?

· More space-bunked beds ensures you have more space in the room to store children’s toys. In a small room, you will still have some space to move freely.

· Builds relationship-since the two or more children are sharing the same room, they are able to interact and play together while having their own space

· If accidents occur or one gets sick in the middle of the night, you may be alerted immediately saving life unlike one child in the room where you have to look on him/her from time to time for safety.

· They are easy to separate. Once you move to a bigger house and need the children to sleep in different rooms.

Disadvantages of Bunk beds

· Making the top bed may be tricky if it’s very high as you have to climb on top to make it.

· The child on top may find it difficult to climb down in the middle of the night. This is because, due to tiredness and sleep, they may not see the stairs properly.

· The top bed is not very effective for children aged 5 years and below. This is due to safety concerns where very small children will not be careful enough leading to accidents.

Types of Bunk Beds

There are many types of bunk beds available on the market to choose from. They are:

Bunk Beds with Stairs-These stairs are there to help the child climb up the top bed. It is secure as the included ladder is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. However, they tend to be costly than other types.

Bunk Beds with Storage- once you have no space in your house, you can consider getting this types as they are incorporated with drawers and shelves. Because of the special design, you are able to pay more. Though, you get the value for your money.

Bunk Bed with Trundle-This beds are made using a traditional design. It has both a twin an underground bed which can be hidden away. It also does not take a lot of space and its design makes it unique and effective for a larger family.

What are the available sizes of Bunk bed?

· Twin over full-This version consist of two full size beds down and the top. They are popular although very expensive.

· Twin over Twin-This bed has two beds of the same size and has frills on the sides suitable for children. They are the most popular and more affordable.

Factors to consider Before purchasing bunk beds

When you are making the decision to purchase the bunk beds, you should have some considerations that will help you get the bed that meets your needs. This is because, there are a number of models on the market to choose from. However, through research you should have in mind what you need. Consider the following factors:

Age of the Children-Ensure to select a bed which is safe for your children and toddlers. Make sure the child sleeping on the top is above 6 years of age as they are more careful.

Cost-when you need more storage space, ensure you save more money as they tend to be costly. You can also get bunk beds without spending a lot since a simple design does not cost a lot. Ensure to get what you can afford having the same purpose of sleeping in mind. Also remember to compare the beds according to material, style and size so that your needs are met accordingly.

Home Décor- Ensure to go for the bed that complements the style in your home. Since they come in many styles, materials and colors, you should look for the one that fits your home needs and does not give your house an odd look.

Size-Ensure you are comfortable with the space between the bunks as well as the space above the top bunk for comfort.

Space-Ensure you have enough space before considering purchase. Get the dimensions of the room before getting the bed. For instance, the distance of the top bed from the roof or the floor size. This is to help you get the bed that fits your home perfectly without taking up much space. Buck beds with trundle to save precious space in case you have visitors. Additionally, the storage space needed by your children should also matter.

Material-Ensure to select the material that is safe and friendly to your children. The most used materials are the metal and wood. Go for the bed whose ladder and stairs are safe and not much steep to create accidents. Also ensure the bed is strong and sturdy for durability.

Best Brands and Models of Bunk Beds with Stairs

Most products, in this case the wonder bunk bed has many brands on the market for you to choose from. They are designed uniquely to give your children and toddlers space to interact and play. As a parent, you can also have the interaction you need with your children all at once.

Most of this brands are striving to be at the top by developing unique designs which makes them stand out. They all vary if not at large to make them more desirable. Fortunately, most of them deliver and are a great value for your money.

These brands include the following:

1. Columbia Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed

When you are looking for a bed which is eco-friendly and strong you might consider this bed as your choice. It is made of rich and well selected wood which gives it more durability and strength. Columbia beds are very fancy and cost worth.

It’s made up of drawers for space and rails to help your child hold on to them for safety. It also comes with a trundle which can be hidden for more space.

You have no need to worry about the cost as it is worth it.


· It is easily detachable into two separate beds

· It has an excellent and amazing finish

· It is strong and sturdy

· It has a lot of storage space

· It is very durable


· It is very expensive due to material used

· The stairs may be slippery thus not very safe

2. Bedz King Twin Over Twin with stairway

When you are looking for a functional and beautiful bunk bed, this is your stop. It gives you the value for your money as the best. It comes in 3 setups to meet your budget. There are the cheap, medium and expensive for everyone.

Additionally, it is made up of sturdy staircase on one side with 3 drawers and a shelf. It is among the very basic bunk beds of all time. Additionally, it is can be used by both children and adults and can be effective in guest rooms.


· It has a large storage space

· Can be used by people of all ages

· It is made up of strong material thus durable


· It is very heavy

3. Bedz King Twin over Full Stairway Bunk Bed

Bedz King models are very popular on the market for their unique features and their durability. It is made of the Brazilian wood which gives it the perfect finishing as well as durability.

Making a choice to purchase this bed should be easy as its brand speaks for it. It is popular and unique. Additionally, it incorporates 2under bed drawers, a strong staircase with 4 additional drawers as well as 2 trundles. In terms of storage, you get the value for your money.

If you are concerned about quality and functionality, look no further as this amazing bed got you covered.


· There is a lot of storage space

· They are very durable

· They come in very stylish designs and colors to choose from


· They are very expensive

· The steps might be unsafe for children as they are steep

4. Sturdy Kids Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Sturdy kids model is the best for growing children who do not need a replacement. It comes in full overfull and twin over twin for you to choose from.

This bed is constructed using sold steel which gives it a classy look with an amazing finishing. However, most of the top beds are recommended to use a slightly thin mattress compared to the down bed which tends to hold a thick mattress of 6 inches and above.

If you are a parent who needs to shop for a bed once, this is the bed to consider as it can be used by adults because of the bigger bottom bunk.


· It is very easy to assemble and disassemble the bed

· It is durable because of the solid steel material

· It is affordable

· It is good for growing children and adults


· Its stairs may be slippery thus not safe

5. Dorel Home Products Twin over Full Bunk Bed

Here is the model for you if you are looking for a bed that is cost friendly as well as simple. It has a large space below the bottom bunk which can handle a removable trundle. Moreover, it is suitable for both children and adults and can serve you for a longer period of time.

The slim and compact metal frame elegantly blends into any room without being too intrusive. It is perfect for guest rooms as well as for everyday use. Additionally, it comes in three finishes, white, silver and black giving you the elegance you are looing for.


· It is cheap

· It is suitable for both children and adults

· It has a large storage below the bottom bed

· It has a fine quality and design


· It cannot be detachable into two beds

6. American Furniture Classics Bunk Bed

This model is a classy one given the wood used as well as the elegant design. It is made to hold some weight thus its effective for adults. It comes with 3 drawers which provides storage space.

However, it may be sturdy, it can sway. In terms of customer service, they lack a dedicated team to solve issues fast.

Fortunately, as far as quality is concerned, this bed is what to go for as it gives you value and service for your money.


· Effective for both children and adults as it can hold weights

· It can be detached into separate beds

· Its strong and sturdy thus durable

· It has a large storage space


· It has a poor response customer care

· Though sturdy, it may sway abit

7. Twin Over Full Stair Stepper Bed

This model is among the most recommended bunk bed on the market for kids. It is made from plain wood which gives it the durability and strength. Most people prefer this bed as it meets their needs as well as safety concerns. Additionally, it has very amazing and beautiful finishes.

Twin over full comes with drawers for storage and has safe stairs for children to climb. It is just the best and the design makes it even more appealing. It comes in white colors but if you are not a stain enthusiast, you can get other colors like expresso and black.

You are very encouraged to purchase this bed as it will give you all the service you need for a longer time as well as having a beautiful room.


· The drawers provide ample space for children toys and clothes

· The stairs are sturdy and safe for climbing

· It is easy to assemble

· Its design has a large design that is safe for kids

· It is environmentally and kid friendly.


· It is costly

8. DPH Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Bunk beds from DPH is the way to go for those who need style in their home. It is not only cheap but also has metal frame for sturdiness.

It is specially designed to hold people of more weight on the bottom bunk and the lighter ones on top. It is what you need as you receive the comfort you need as well as space. Additionally, the ladder is made in the safest way to enable your children climb on the top bed with ease.

Since its launch, this model has been recommended due to its solid and safe build offered at such a low price.


· It is very affordable

· It is strong and sturdy

· Its staircase is safe for children

· It is very durable


· It cannot be separated into two beds


Bunk beds are what you need when you have a large family. You can get them in various styles, designs and materials to meet your needs. Ensure you go for the models which fit your needs as well of your children. If you are getting the bed for your children, involve them in selecting the colors they like because when they grow up, they may lose interest in them forcing you to purchase another one.

Consider getting the bunk bed that is very sturdy, strong and budget friendly. Compare prices and different types before making the final decision. Some add color to your home with amazing finishing. This article will help you get the best brands. Although I mentioned few brands but they are a lot of other better models which are durable and can meet your requirements.

Bunk beds can be purchased in the stores and online shops such as the amazon, Walmart, custom Kids furniture and local furniture warehouse stores.