LIFESMART Amish Inspired Power Plus 1200 Square Foot 6 Element Review

Furniture-like appliances have gained so much popularity that you can find a series of different units carrying the new standards. You may find television sets, video equipments and even room heaters incorporated in small pieces of furniture. It is no surprise how these trends became so popular. After all, such an appliance has the initial functionality, but also a good piece of furniture to incorporate into any decor. LIFESMART Amish Inspired Power Plus 1200 Square Foot 6 Element is one of the front running heaters due to the good rapport for features and expenses. It is not among the most expensive heaters, but it does bring in a series of features you cannot usually find for such low prices.


The capacity is supposed to be one of the definitive factors in the process. Basically, this heater can easily maintain a proper temperature in 1,200 square feet rooms or environments. It is excellent for large rooms, but its power also recommends it for small or medium places. Therefore, if you got both small and large rooms inside your household, this heater can be the right addition. Moreover, it obviously requires less than a few minutes to actually heat a small place.

The design is very attractive too. It actually looks like those pieces of furniture you can see in movies filmed around Amish communities. It is square, stylish and elegant. A few small details and some wider edges make the piece excellent for storing particular things. Some people choose to put a few self photographies on the wide top, but you may just as well use it for a radio or a television set. However, make sure it will not move. Aside from the design, the frontal frame covers the heating elements, so there are no risks for your kids or pets. Basically, it makes no difference if you plan to use this heater for a few hours or round the clock. The cover will always maintain a cool temperature.

Aside from the heating elements, the grid also hides an air filter. The filter does not require any changes, since it is designed to last forever. Its primary mission is to ensure a clean air, without any mildew, mold or bacterias. When stored for too long, most heaters release a lot of dust in the air, not to mention about the unusual smell. With this heater, such problems can become history. Other than that, it comes fully assembled. It requires 110V to run, so plug it in and turn it on. The cord is six feet long, so it should be placed relatively close to an outlet.


– Lifetime air filter to purify the air
– Wireless remote control
– ETL certification


– You can obviously find less professional alternatives for small rooms

In conclusion, LIFESMART Amish Inspired Power Plus 1200 Square Foot 6 Element might be the right option for your needs. It is designed for large rooms, but it can be just as helpful for small rooms. However, if you only have small rooms around your household, you can definitely find less professional appliances.

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