iHeater 1500 SQ FT Comprehensive Review

Keeping a decent temperature in each room can be a real challenge especially in the cold winter nights. Because not all rooms have the same position towards the sun and many houses are still poorly insulated, people have noticed that there could be the necessity to use an extra source of heat.

They need something reliable that would not cost them much and prove to be efficient at keeping the temperature in the wanted parameters. The iHeater 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater is probably what you always wanted in terms of heating. This is a great solution that will keep your house in the wanted temperature without spending too much money.

Features of The iHeater 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater

  • It has an optical protection in case of tip over.
  • There is a thermal protection.
  • The filter is washable and removable.
  • There is a digital display.
  • The controls are both manual and with a remote.

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Benefit Highlights of using the iHeater 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater

  • The heater delivers largely what it says.
  • It will lower the gas bill most of the times.
  • There is a lot of comfort when running this product.
  • It can keep a smaller house heated.
  • The heat is spread even throughout the room and the air is not dry.
  • This makes it better for the ones who were used to have a humidifier.
  • The heater is totally safe and does a good job in spite of its smaller size.
  • The product does not get hot as a whole so it is much better if you have children or pets.
  • You can use the remove and program it without bothering too much with other traditional things.The product is efficient, quiet and attractive.
  • The produced heat is rich and lovely.

Our Concerns 

  • The heater is not that good at drastically increasing the temperature in a certain space. Its main purpose is to keep the temperature at a certain level.
  • The electricity bill might be a little higher than you expect because the heater takes more than $1 a day in order to function at its full capacity.


Looking at all the features, cons and pros, it is clear that the iHeater 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater will certainly deliver largely what it said. The good part is that you can maintain a certain level of temperature with ease and you do not have to use it around the clock. Even if it might be a little costly, on the long run you will be saving lots of money from the gas bill.

It is obvious that iHeater 1500 SQ FT Infrared Heater is an excellent opportunity for your holiday home and also for the guest house. If there is a place that you do not use constantly, it will help things moving really quickly. Some people prefer to use it in the basement in order to use this space even in the cold winter. The great advantage is that you can move it around from one room to the next because of the attached wheels.‚Äč

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