AHP 1500-TE-W Infrared Heater Oak Review

More and more people look after domestic appliances that can easily blend into a specific decor. Today, the overall functionality is no longer the one and only concern, since the design is just as appropriate. In an ideal case, a good heater should also look like a piece of furniture or just come in a wooden cover. It is true that such units are more costly than regular plastic appliances, but you will most likely get a lot of compliments too. This is how AHP 1500-TE-W Infrared Heater Oak has gained so much popularity lately. It represents a perfect cocktail of functionality and style.


The design is one of the first things that draw some attention. Basically, you cannot even tell this is a heater when you first check it out. It is entirely covered in oak and has a very wide top. In other words, it can be used for a piece of furniture as well. You can store a wide television set on top of it or perhaps some pictures or other electronic equipments. Flexibility is yet another major advantage of this product. You might expect it to be very heavy, but the truth is that it barely weighs 27 pounds. Therefore, you can always move it from one room to another and come up with new decors every once in a while.

In order to operate, the heater needs 1,500 watts of power and will provide 5,200BTU. Its capacity is amazing, since it can easily heat around 1,000 square feet. Therefore, it is excellent for large living rooms and even party tents. However, if you have small rooms only, you can obviously find less powerful units that cost less. But then, this piece of furniture gives you more flexibility and style. A small heater can cover small rooms only. On the other hand, a large one is supposedly designed for a huge environment. You can obviously tell it is not too hard to heat a medium or small room either.

The heater has four elements spreading the heat inside the room. Most units barely bring in one or two elements. Other than that, they are all made of quartz, so they have an increased durability. The control is digital, but you also have a remote to change the temperature settings without standing up from your bed or armchair. Other than that, the power cord has six feet only, so make sure you place it close to an outlet.


– Can be used for a piece of furniture too
– Has a wide top
– Four quartz elements


– Too powerful if you have small rooms
– Cord is only six foot long

As a short final conclusion, AHP 1500-TE-W Infrared Heater Oak is definitely a good solution. It is designed for large rooms, so it can clearly cover small and medium places too. The rapport for price and quality is great, while the oak construction allows you to use the unit for a piece of furniture as well. The wide top can host a lot of personal things, for example.

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