Best Infrared Sauna

Saunas have existed since the 1890's. Although not new to many, traditional saunas are more popular. Infrared saunas became the talk of the town more recently and are crucial in relaxation treatments and wellness.

best portable small infrared sauna

Sunroom with a small infrared sauna.

Every sauna ( a room) uses a light and heat source to create heat which is so intense it will make you sweat. Infrared saunas use infrared heaters instead of the traditional heaters to produce this heat.  

The only difference is, infrared saunas heat up your body much faster and help with both in dry and cold heated treatment sessions. 

According to Dr. Lawrence Wilson, a medical doctor and nutritional practitioner in the US, the use of the infrared saunas on patients has been is one of the safest and most effective steps in his healing process. He further says that, sauna treatment is very effective when used hand in hand with a balanced diet.

Where are Infrared Saunas Installed​

Infrared saunas are often installed in spas, fitness centers, luxury resorts, in homes and health clubs. Saunas are an effective tool when it comes to natural healing and prevention among other benefits.

Its infrared light is able to penetrate deep into the human tissues which produce anti-aging benefits as well as overall healthier living. Fortunately, you get all these benefits without long term risk.

Traditional Heaters Vs. Infrared Saunas​

In order to get the best infrared sauna, we might consider looking at the main two different types of sauna, the traditional and infrared. There are a few aspects which makes them different from each other.

For instance, traditional saunas consume a lot of heat than the infrared saunas, precisely the traditional ones consume 6KW of power while infrared use 1.6 KW of power.

Furthermore, infrared saunas heat up faster and are easy to assemble unlike the traditional one which assembling may take a few days. Lastly, traditional sauna heat is so intense and can be intolerable to people who are sensitive to extreme heat. In the other hand, infrared saunas offer a friendlier heat temperature.

When it comes to choosing the best infrared sauna, there are different types to choose from in the market. The difference is mainly on the material used to make the emitter. The variation in size of the heater and heat intensity is also a determinant when you look at infrared sauna reviews.

They include the carbon and ceramic infrared saunas. Those with carbon fiber tend to be the better compared to ceramic ones. Make sure to locate the panels to the back, sides and front of the sauna to enjoy even flow of heat.

Benefits of the Best Infrared Sauna

The infrared sauna has a wide range of benefits which makes it an amazing piece of equipment to buy. Their benefits are as follows:

Detoxification in Sauna

best portable infrared sauna

Young beautiful woman wrapped in towels sitting and relaxing her body and mind in Finish infrared sauna during wellness day. Woman is 30 years oldwith long hair and smooth skin, expressing positive emotions. 

Infrared saunas produce heat which makes your body sweat. Sweating is very vital as it is the body’s natural way of removing toxins from the body.

When we detoxify our bodies, we are able to enjoy a stronger immune system which helps keep infections at bay as well as proper digestion of nutrients.

Relaxes the body

After sweating, your muscles relax and that leaves you feeling soothed, rejuvenated and relaxed. Sauna heat helps balance the stress hormone cortisol leaving your mind relaxes thus improving sleep.

Infrared sauna ensures that you get the therapy you deserve relaxing your muscles and getting rid of anxiety and tension leaving you refreshed and energized.

Improves heart Function

According to research by the department of Family Practice at the university of British Columbia, infrared saunas were found to lower high blood pressure, normalizing cholesterol levels as well as treating congestive heart failure. Moreover, it improves functioning of the heart and lowered the incidence of ventricular arrhythmias.

Weight loss

 When your b0dy is exposed to the heat your body temperature rises leading to an increase heart rate. This helps speed up the burning of calories which helps you lose weight easily.

Moreover, when your body has no toxins that speeds up the burning of stubborn fat thus paving way for weight loss.

Cell health and Recovery

Infrared light enables your cells work properly as it increases circulation enabling oxygenated blood nourishing the cells.

When blood circulation is normal, you are able to enjoy muscle and joint relief which mostly happens after an activity. It also decreases fatigue and stiffness.

Boost immunity

When your body is detoxed, your immune system is strengthened and helps fight infections as well as increasing cell and tissue regeneration which are effective in healing of wounds. Besides that, the heat therapy helps enhance skin’s healing process and skin purification.

Improves quality of life and overall well-being

Over the years, people have considered thermal energy to help ease aches and manage chronic illnesses. Research backs this up by supporting its ability to boost mood and well-being when coupled with treatments such as Cognitive behavioral therapy as well as exercise rehabilitation.

It is effective for pain, depression and anger reduction. More so, sauna therapy can be effective in lowering the effects of diabetes by naturally treating its symptoms like fatigue and pain. After a study, most patients experienced improved physical health, general health as well as social functioning.

All these results are achieved by the saunas at lower temperatures compared to the traditional saunas which used a lot of heat. Infrared saunas heat is highly tolerated by many who cannot withstand high heats.

Their light is directly penetrated into your skin taking effect immediately. They are the best when it comes to handling stress and with time it could be the main attribute used in curing and managing diseases.

best portable infrared saunas

Young couple is relaxing in the infrared sauna. Young woman is lying down while young man is sitting and caressing her.

How do Infrared Saunas Work?

Infrared saunas rely on infrared emitters to heat your body. The heat penetrates the body in a safe and effective way leaving an inflammation-lowering effect, relaxation as well as other benefits.

The carbon fiber based panels are placed around the sitting area so as to face directly to the body of those in the cabin.

As your body heats, the environment around also gets hot and will spread if not properly closed and insulated.

As your body heats up your heart rate increases making you sweat profusely helping in reducing toxins from your body as well as triggering relaxation responses by the nervous system.

Insulated heaters are very important as they save up energy and immediately the ideal temperature is reached, they reduce their potency or stop working. The light treatment therapy takes about 15-20 minutes and you start enjoying its full benefits.

Factors to consider before buying an infrared sauna

When it comes to purchasing the infrared sauna, no need to worry as it is a good investment since you will enjoy all the benefits.

They are also safe and easy to use for people who struggle with severe pain or have a sensitive skin and stomachs when it comes to heat.

It also comes in various sizes a well as features to choose from. Since it is an investment, you need to be careful about buying just any sauna.

Look for the most unique things that makes it differ from the rest as the best. This will ensure that you get the chance to enjoy the right value for your money. These factors include the following:

Size of the Sauna-You should ensure to get the right size depending on your needs and the number of people using it. You can get a one person to four people sauna.

It should also fit your space. They are all effective but ensure to get a fitting one since those sessions should be comfortable and relaxing.

Warranty-Before deciding on the infrared sauna of your choice, ensure it is backed up by a good warranty policy.

Most products have a 2- year warranty while others offer a longer warranty of five years. Ensure to get the one which covers your needs for a longer time and offer more support if an issue occurs.

Extras-Ensure to purchase a product which has extra attachments such as neck rests and backrests. However, most models come with them but you can also buy them separately if you are not comfortable.

Materials Used-Infrared saunas should be used using the unique and high quality timber such as the Red cedar, Nordic spruce and pacific coast Hemlock.

These wood is considered superior and known for the quality products. Ensure not to go for the ones made from other wood as they are considered inferior and are not long lasting.

These high quality materials ensure that you enjoy the sessions of infrared sauna for a longer time compared to those used from soft wood which serve you for a shorter period.

Moreover, materials used matter a lot due to their interaction with heat. For instance, when soft wood is exposed to heat it is susceptible to warping and outgassing where toxic gases are released due to the extreme temperatures.

Consider looking for the wood which is treated to prevent outgassing.

Number of Heaters-Number of heaters ensures you get the quality heat you need.

Consider getting an infrared heater with a minimum of 5 heaters for a 2-person unit and at least 8 heaters for a 4-person unit.

Ensure all the heaters fit your desired unit to effectively enjoy the benefits to the maximum level.

Best Infrared Saunas to Buy in 2017 (Infrared Sauna Reviews)

When it comes to selecting the best infrared saunas, it can be quite challenging as all of them claim to be the best, having the same features and being price friendly. Choice can be quite challenging.

Fortunately, I have made it easier for you by illustrating them from the well-known brands looking at the smallest unique features which may not be present in the other brands.

All these saunas are the best as they work effectively but it depends on what you expect from them, your user needs and the results.

Depending on the number of users, consider looking for the sauna that will give you comfort, the one that has space and feel comfortable when using it with other people.

They are selected from one-user sauna to four-user sauna. The choice is yours. They are very effective as they deliver according to your preference.

JNH Lifestyle Freedom 1-3 Persons Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyle Freedom 1-3 Persons Infrared Sauna

JNH Lifestyle Freedom 1-3 Persons Infrared Sauna - Click to Buy Now


JNH is among the most popular and trusted manufacturers of the infrared saunas on the market. Their infrared saunas are made using the Canadian red cedar which is more refined material for a high quality product.

It gives the sauna a sturdy and sealed build. Lifestyle freedom is a unique and durable product which is effective for one person and a number of users depending on what you need.

The manufacturers guarantee all the components used in this sauna as highly certified by top professional agencies and has a 5-year warranty that covers all issues and its effective customer care which responds to problems easily.

The structure of this sauna is double layered to provide better insulation, retains warm air inside and make the unit more durable. This is so effective as you do not need of irradiation of heat around the room.

Has 5 carbon fiber heaters which are equipped in all areas of the unit including the back and side areas to maximize the heating effect. Moreover, they are also very easy to assemble due to the buckle panels which retain the heat and make it more durable.

Features JNH Lifestyle Freedom 1-3 persons

· In-built radio, CD Player and MP3 Auxiliary Connection

· LED Lighting with light bulbs

· Safety glass made Sauna door that tolerates heat well

· AUX Control system for easy setting of the sauna during session

· 5 carbon infrared heaters

· 5-year warranty and lifetime technical support

Advantages of Buying The JNH Lifestyle Freedom 1-3 persons Infrared Sauna

  • It is FSC Certified thus quality is assured.
  • It is untreated with chemicals thus its safe and environmental friendly.
  • ​The materials used are lighter thus heat up easily saving on electricity.
  • Very effective and durable
  • You can use it with your loved ones because it is spacios

Shortcomings of the JNH Lifestyle Freedom 1-3 persons Infrared Sauna 

  • Unlike portable infrared saunas, this model is heavy this not easily portable
  • It is a bit expensive because it is a high quality model

Verdict- Should you buy it?

Lifestyle freedom saunas are the most recommended on the market as they are comfortable, luxurious, good insulation and the quality is on the higher level.

Consider investing in this Saunas to enjoy all the health benefits you deserve. Look no further as this sauna are very promising and effective and because you can stick in there with2 or 3 people, it must be a steal at the price.

Besides it is a best selling infrared sauna with very good reviews. Get the JNH Lifestyle 2- person sauna the best seller of 2017 by clicking below.

Dynamic Saunas Barcelona 1-2 person Far Infrared Sauna

Barcelona sauna from the Dynamic saunas is very effective and known for the good quality depending on the rich Reforested Canadian Hemlock.

It is known for the faster and more heat retention due to is thick interior and exterior wood planks. It is 39-inch wide,35-inch long and 72-inch tall.

best portable infrared sauna

This sauna is smaller and is mainly good for a garage, basement and master bath location. It is easily assembled and fits in all spaces.

There is no need for extra wiring. Not only is it cost effective, but also made using the high quality material which gives it the durability you need for your home.

The unit is made on dual construct hemlock wood, which is able to insulate temperature with accuracy.

Moreover, the tempered glass finish on bronze tinted pigment compliments the door perfectly by giving more visibility and filtering any outer light source.


· Double paneled walls that retain heat

· 6 low carbon fiber heating panels

· Has MP3 auxiliary connection with speakers

· Has LED light display with control gauges for time and temperature

Benefits of Buying The Dynamic Saunas Amz Barcelona 1-2 Person Far Infrared Sauna

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Its quite affordable compared to other 1-2 person portable infrared saunas
  • It is quite portable meaning you can move it with ease- a portable infrared sauna
  • Uses minimal electricity to an extent you can't even tell the difference

Disadvantages of the Dynamic Saunas AMZ Infrared Sauna

  • It is not very comfortable

Verdict- To Buy or not to Buy this portable infrared sauna?

Consider going for this infrared sauna if you have little space your home. It will also serve you well when you want a portable infrared sauna effective for all your needs.

Moreover, it’ s beautifully made to fit your décor. So I recommend you buy it for these reasons. Click this button to buy it.

Clearlight Essential CE1-2 Far Infrared sauna

For the past twenty years Clearlight essential saunas have been in the market due to their known maximum therapeutic benefits. They are designed to fit any room in your house.

Besides that, their craftsmanship using the grade ‘A’ clear Nordic Spruce wood, the True Infrared II technology and True wave II Ultra low EMF heaters making it the best quality and convenient sauna to go for.

It was developed in the safest conditions as the material is certified as eco-friendly and ultra-low EMF as well as certified electricity safety. It’s one of the saunas you need to invest in without worry as it offers a lifetime warranty which is just an amazing and unique factor.

Clearlight essential is the talk of the town due to its unique features which makes it stand out. It is made up of both the carbon and ceramic heaters on both sides of the cabin which produce high infrared output evenly leading to exceptional and quality results.

This is a feature that other saunas do not have as they use either of them. In addition, there is a carbon and ceramic floor plate heater.

This amazing sauna features chromotherapy, a recessed halogen accent lights for mood and reading. It also has a digital keypad on sides to control temperature, time and lights.

Besides that, the high quality stereo system with two –way speakers built in accessible Bluetooth and AUX cable makes it even the best choice for you.

Clearlight essential saunas were designed by a doctor who had a focus on healing of the body. These saunas are among the best and powerful on the market as its heat targets your body from both sides making you get results evenly.

When you are looking for a sauna for best results, consider settling for clearlight essentials as you will not be disappointed. In addition, it has extra parts at an extra cost if you want more comfort. It is worth your investment.


· Far infrared heating technology

· Chromotherapy lighting system as an upgrade

· Dual digital control

· Ultra low EMF ceramic/carbon heaters

· High quality stereo system with inbuilt speakers

· Ceramic and carbon floor heater plate


· It is safe as its material is considered eco-friendly

· It is certified thus it is of quality

· It is very effective and comfortable

· It is easily assembled

· It comes with extra parts for more comfort


· It is quite expensive

· It does not heat up fast thus maximizes electricity

2-Person Hemlock Deluxe Infrared Sauna W/6 Carbon Heaters

This radiant and classy sauna, Hemlock Deluxe is the next talk of the market. From radiant saunas, It’s made in a very spacious and perfect way making it of high quality and durable. Radiant is known for its high quality saunas on the market and you not need fear as it is a recognized company which ensures quality to all its customers. The body is made up of Hemlock both in the interior and exterior thus better insulation as well as heat retention and classic look. Due to the strong Hemlock wood used you are able to get services for a longer period as it is durable.

Controls are available on both the interior and exterior of the equipment enabling you control and set it to your own convenience. Moreover, its unique due to its scratch-resistant tinted glass for privacy, towel hook, magazine racks, air vents, oxygen ionizers and two backrests which makes it very comfortably amazing. It also has chromotherapy lighting system which help balance body chakras.

Hemlock deluxe is effective for people who want a premium sauna with extra accessories in a small space. It is the known sauna with more accessories on the market making it the unique sauna. Besides that, you don’t have to fear going for this sauna as you are sure to be catered for a longer period in case your sauna gets issues. This is due to their 7- year warranty.


· Chromotherapy lighting system

· In-built FM-CD Radio with MP3 auxiliary connection

· Scratch resistant tinted glass for privacy

· Touch display for selecting time and temperature

· Oxygen ionizer

· LED Control panels

· Towel and magazine rack

· 6 carbon heating panels

· 7-year warranty


· It uses minimal energy thus energy-efficient

· It is easy to assemble

· It is efficient and convenient


· It is too heavy thus need to be installed rather permanently or on an indoor location

· It has a seven-year warranty however it caters for those used indoor and not in the garden or any other place.

DURHERM EMF FREE Negative Ion FIR Infrared Portable saunas

When it comes to those people who are concerned about their health, this is the sauna to go for. It has great features and looks. Its tent looks like a large quilted bag with a canvas folding chair that can be placed inside. The quilted fabric allows heat circulation inside and the integrated footpad tent allowing your lower body get the benefits of the heat.

Durherm designers and engineers found a way to generate heat waves which actually emit negative ions and infrared heat more than any other saunas, a fact that makes it even more unique and convenient. Durherm is known to produce saunas with extra features, health benefits as well as improved technology. This is why it is among the recommended portable saunas on the market.

It is also made up of three separate heaters made up of high-tech superconductive and ultra-thin tourmaline panels which help minimize the electricity being used but still performing efficiently and conveniently. Furthermore, it is easy to wash making it appropriate for those who find it tricky to clean.

This sauna delivers what most people look in a personal home infrared sauna, which is mainly relaxation, detoxification and cleansing. It uses the modern technology where the engineers incorporated the powerful Tourmaline Crystals into their sauna which help in elimination process. Moreover, it emits low EMF emissions which makes it safe and environmentally friendly.

However, it is not the number one among the best, it is among the most recommended saunas on the market due to its simple nature. It is among the best when it comes to weight loss.


· Integrated heated footpad

· Comfortable canvas foldable chair

· High-tech superconductive and ultra-thin tourmaline panels for energy efficiency and safety

· Storage pocket for remote control

· Removable and washable neck collars


· It heats up very fast thus heat efficient

· It is easily portable as it folds easily and also light

· It is cheap thus very affordable to many

· No electromagnetic radiation, EMF, thus it is safe and environmental friendly

· It is easy to set up


· The chair is too low for large sized users

· People have reported quality issues such as poor stitching and gaps

Downsides of infrared saunas

Infrared saunas are very effective when it comes to your health. However, you should note that, there are some risks associated with them. As they are heated, you should not stay in the sauna for more than thirty minutes as this can lead to skin burns as well as dehydration. Consider taking a lot of liquids to avoid dehydration which could complicate your health.

Sweating in the sauna may be healthy as it removes toxins. On the other hand, toxins can be mobilized into other parts of the body making it hazardous. It can also deplete minerals and electrolytes.

Moreover, some residues from heavy medication can be released into the system during sweating creating unnecessary conditions for some people. Before using an infrared sauna, consult your doctor.


Infrared saunas are the best for your well- being. Before purchase ensure to have information to back up their effectiveness and quality. Also go for the company name that is well known and has existed for a longer time. All saunas are the best depending on your needs, budget and what you expect them to do.