Best Furnace Filters

What are the Best Furnace Filters to Buy in 2017

Furnace filters have been around for a long time and they are an essential necessity in any home. They (best furnace filters) help purify the air by blocking even the smallest dust particles and allergens like bacteria and viruses.

All these issues can be corrected by seasonal maintenance of the filters by cleaning or replacement.

Furnace filters come in variety of types, brands and models to choose from. However, it might be difficult for one to get the best furnace filter to suit their needs due to the large number of options in the market.

Most furnace filter brands promise to be the best which understandably make choice tricky.

Fortunately, no need to worry as I have summarized some of the best furnace filters on the market.

What The Best Furnace Filter Does

A furnace is as important as the air conditioner in your home. Its main purpose is to improve the quality of air in your house by keeping contaminants at bay.

The furnace filter also protects the blower fan from excess dirt particles.

How are Top Furnace Filters Rated?

Furnace filters should be rated according to the MERV. This refers to Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value.

It helps to measure the efficiency level of the furnace filter in capturing particles of different sizes and volumes.

Some companies like the 3M uses a different method called the MPR- - Microparticle Performance Rating to evaluate the best furnace filter.

The range is between 300MPR-2800MPR where the higher number provide more filtration power. This is unique as many companies use the MERV.

MERV ratings range from 1 to 16. Given that the higher the MERV rating, the more the particles the filter will trap- the metric can help you define the best furnace filter.

Nevertheless, the filters with the highest rating allow less air flow which can lead to overworking of the furnace. Each MERV rating has a specific capability of the particles to trap. For instance:

MERV rating of 1-4. This rating is mostly effective when filtering particles which are bigger than 10 micrometers. These include, dust mites, pollen, textile fibers and carpet fibers. However, it has minimal filtration.

MERV rating of 5-8. On the other hand, this effectively filters particles ranging from 3-10 micrometers such as hair spray, dusting aids, cement dust and pudding mix. It is convenient for residential and commercial buildings.

MERV rating of 9-12. This filters particles with a size of 1-3 micrometers. It is effective when it comes to humidifier dust, auto emissions, welding fumes. It is suitable in the superior residential.

MERV rating of 13-16. This filters are very effective when handling particles in the range of 0.3-1 micrometers. It traps all bacteria, most tobacco smoke, insecticide dust and cooking oil. It is suitable for surgery rooms in the hospital.

Most homes are recommended to use a furnace filter which has a rating of 4-12 which is considered as more than enough. Moreover, you should not change the MERV rating of your original furnace filter.

You should buy the exact size because it can be tricky in terms of cost and maintenance. However, before purchasing these filters, be ready to pay utility bills after installation.

Types of Furnace Filters

When deciding on getting the best furnace filters on the market, there are various types to choose from at your convenience. They include the following:

· Disposable pleated furnace filters- These filters come in a wide range of sizes and ratings. They are made out of paper and polyester. They are very effective when trapping most household particles and allergens. Additionally, they are the most preferred and used in homes. However, they can add more resistance to air flow making your system more expensive to operate.

· Fiberglass furnace Filters-These are among the cheapest filters on the market. However, this factor makes them inferior and are of low quality thus has to be replaced from time to time. They have a lower MERV rating and their main goal is to protect the HVAC equipment.

However, they do not clean the air but keep out the particles than can clog inside the furnace. Moreover, they are effective for renters and people without allergies.

· Washable furnace filters- These are the costliest filters on the market. They are made using solid aluminum material or plastic which gives it the durability. It can last longer if maintained properly by cleaning to avoid more dirt buildup.

· Electronic furnace filters-These filters are amazing as they use the double stage technology. The first stage they add a static charge to the air flow and then collect particles using the electrified plates. However, these filters are expensive, they are worth for they are durable and do not necessarily need a replacement from time to time.

How to choose the Best furnace filter?

When it comes to making a decision about the best filter for your furnace, you may need to consider some factors. Having them in mind may help you know exactly what you want. This is because, getting the right furnace filter will not only save you money, but also improve the quality of air in your home. They include the following:

Cost- Budget is as important as the product you desire. Ensure to get a furnace filter which meets your desired amount. Do not go for the filters which are very expensive but do not meet your needs. Also know that an expensive furnace filter means your utility bills increase.

Size-Since the sizes of the filters are by length, depth and height. Ensure to choose a filter for your original filter to get the best service. This is because, the wrong filter size means malfunction on the heating and cooling system. For those who need customized sizes should also talk to furnace manufacturers to get replacement filters.

How often you will replace your furnace filters- Ensure to change your filters once dirt has set in. According to your choice, you can get furnace filters which need to be cleaned and can live up to 5 years unlike others which needs to be changed often. Replacing this filters ensures you the best service.

Type of the furnace Filter-Due to the various variety of filters on the market, ensure you get a filter type that meets your needs. That which satisfies your requirement of the filter. You can go for the washable filters which need cleaning and take long to be replaced or the disposable ones which need replacement often.

How often should you replace your filters?

Your filters need to be replaced immediately you see a lot of dirt build up. You should not let your filters be clogged as it will cause havoc in your home. For instance, a home in a dusty area may need more cleaning or replacement than those wet places. When you keep your filters clean you may enjoy the following benefits:

· Maintaining healthy air Quality-This is effective for people with allergies or if you keep pets

· Cutting down on energy costs-When the furnace filter is very dirty, the system works harder using more energy thus skyrocketing the bill.

· Extending the life of HVAC unit –This is because, there is no overworking of the system which causes wearing.

· A clean heating and cooling system- This gives you the best service as well as saves you money.

Best brands of Furnace Filter to Buy in 2017

There are many brands on the market which claim to be of high quality as well as deliver. Here are some of the most recommended and best brands on the market. You can get a brand which meets your budget as well as service. They are:

Trion Air-Bear/Koch Furnace Filters

best furnace filter for sale

This model has been on the market for more than 60 years. The brand is owned and headed by Johnson Controls. These filters are respected due to their technological advancements and the HVAC knowledge which gives them their uniqueness.

Trion model is very respected for the production of pleated, fiberglass, disposable filters as well as the polyester. The disposable filters tend to be cheaper and effective for medium tasks in the home.

Trio brand is well known for the two important models which include the Multi-pleat XL8 whose technology is amazing and the 2-inch pleated XL8 whose ratings are effective and the test results overwhelming.


· They are easy to install

· They are very durable due to the technical advancements

· They are user and environmental friendly

· They are affordable

· They have a high dust holding capacity

· They have a high MERV rating


· They can only be replaced and not cleaned.

Honeywell Furnace Filters

Honeywell filters are among the best on the market. With a high MERV rating, you bet they will give you the best service. You are guaranteed of a clean airflow. They come in various sizes, types and ratings to choose from.

Their models are the best value for your money. Do not look further as you are where your needs are met. They have various models like the F300and F100 which are highly recommended.

This model is designed to continue working effectively even after a year in areas with moderate airborne particles.

Advantages of Honeywell

· They are easy to install

· They capture almost all airborne particles

· They have a dust detector indicator which tells you exactly when to clean your filter

· They are eco-friendly

· They are very durable


· They are very expensive to purchase

· They have a low air pressure

· They are only available in two sizes

3M Filtrete Allergen Defense MPR

Filtrete models on the other hand are among the best filters on the market. They are cost friendly and can last up to 2 years without replacement. They exist in washable, electrostatic and fiberglass options.

They have been on the market for a very long time and most of its customer reviews are positive. This is because the model delivers what other brands do not .

They are also among the well-known and best-selling models on the market. They are able to trap particles from pet hairs, dust, mold and dust-mites.

Most companies view this model as the worst but actually it is the best when filters are considered. Their unique evaluation of MPR makes it standout. If you are looking for a good furnace filter, look no further as this model got you covered.


· They exist in many types thus unlimited to choose from depending on cost

· They have a higher MPR rating thus effective

· They are effective for trapping almost all particles and allergens as well as protecting the internal components of the furnace


· They are not effective enough for people with severe cases of allergies and asthma

Air-Care Furnace Filters- Best Rated Seller

best furnace filters

Air-care (AC) furnace filters are designed to trap the particles using the electrostatic media. This model is effective for trapping pollen, lint and other particles. They are also convenient for a smaller furnace. However, they have a lower MERV ratings thus they have a least efficiency.


· They come in many sizes. You can also get the custom made sizes

· They have a lifetime warranty

· They are affordable


· They have a low MERV ratings

· They have a small size which only supports a 1-inch filter

Contradictions of the Furnace Filters

When it comes to products, there is always wrong information accompanying them. Many people are misled about a certain product from the internet without doing their own research which is tested and proven to be accurate. For instance, there are many contradictions with this filters which is not supported. They include the following;

· Filters do not clean air when dirty-When a filter is dirty, the MERV increases making it work harder thus gives you more clean air. This is because, it still traps dirt particles.

· You have to replace your filters every month. This is not true as filters can take up to 3 months without replacement. As long as you maintain your furnace filter, you will get the best service. That can only be applied in places with extreme airborne particles which could clog the filters.

Where can I buy the Best Furnace Filters?

Furnace filters can be purchased anywhere from the online stores such as the amazon as well as the shops which are selling the household or building materials. Before you buy this filters ensure you get the best from recognized stores as well as the recognized brands.


Furnace filters will serve you at its best when you maintain them accordingly. Ensure you check the status of your filter to see its condition. Consider getting a filter which can be tolerable by all ads some are not effective to be used by people who have allergies or asthma.

When replacing a furnace filter, ensure to use the dimensions of your original furnace as this will help serve you better as well as saving your bills and the air quality in your home. Ensure to get a furnace filter which fits perfectly so as to avoid gaps for letting out air.

Additionally, go for the furnace which is both user and environmental friendly. There are many models out there for you to choose from. Do not be left out as quality air means quality life and peace of mind.


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